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Summer Release

Rent Your Way to Freedom peels back the layers of discussion in the “Rent vs. Buy” decision - covering both: financial implications and soft factors.

  • Is our house the asset and investment we’ve been conditioned to believe?

  • Is renting for second-class citizens?

  • Can renting be the alternate path to freedom?


Esteemed financial advisers are found on both sides of the "Rent vs. Buy" argument in the biggest financial (and lifestyle) decision most people ever make.


We’re taught to believe that “renting is just throwing money away.” We don't consider that owning a house is also “throwing money away” the bank in mortgage interest, to the government in taxes, and to the time-consuming and expensive world of housing maintenance.


Over time, bricks and mortar appreciate less than we think and ownership has many constraining liabilities - with opportunity costs and real cash flow implications.

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Paramount to a small town having the economic rug pulled out from under them after the development of an Interstate highway, Bypassed reveals the silent effects changes in socio-economic environment have had on GenX. And what the Brave Few are doing about it!

GenX has experienced slower moving economic tides and faster moving socio-currents, with morally suspect values.

Life is better now. There is less poverty and more stuff; but, amid increasing competition and mounting economic stratification, the rising standards and changed socio-economic environment has washed particularly hard against GenX - making the rowing to economic prosperity even more difficult. 

An experiential and analytical study of the differences in the environments that shaped them; Bypassed exposes harsh reality facing GenX’s as the first generation failing to experience the American Dream and what they can do to reclaim it.

About Eric Nies

After setting out into life with an economics degree, Eric Nies found himself living in a “rental only” housing market. Contrary to the ownership mentality with which he was raised, he become a "renter by choice" over time.

He found the rent vs buy decision is not so cut and dry. Concerned with the logic (or illogic) of his preference amid the litany of typical objections from friends and family, he decided to research the issue - originally for himself. The resulting analysis shows that renting may be viably better decision than owning - contrary to what conventional wisdom would have us believe.

The American Dream is no longer inextricably linked to ownership. Renting can be a positive path to freedom!

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