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Reclaim the Life you Envisioned

 With the: Income, Savings, and Relationships you dreamed of across generations

GenX Phlight

The GenX's Plight

A trifecta of major shifts in: social, economic, and behavioural norms have stripped away the life GenX envisioned - right out from under them.


As a result of changes, GenX (born 1961-1981) has been finding it more difficult to experience upward social mobility than did their parents, the Lucky Few (a generational cohort born 1925-1945). While less numerous than the Baby Boomers and Millennials which they sit between, GenX is desperately struggling to keep their economic head above water as they take care of aging parents and work to get kids through college.

GenX has experienced slower moving economic tides and faster moving socio-currents with morally suspect values. Life is better now. There is less poverty and more stuff, but amid increasing competition and mounting economic stratification, the rising standards and changed socio-economic environment has washed particularly hard against GenX making the rowing to economic prosperity even more difficult.


Some are experiencing fabulous wealth, yes! But, in general, on average, GenX is not seeing the happy ever-mounting economic prosperity they envisioned as a virtual certitude of their youth.  Neither they nor their Lucky Parents can seem to understand why GenXers can’t seem to “get their act together.” 

BRAVE Principals

to Regain The Life You Envisioned 

Marked progress in reclaiming life can be made applying these habits.

  • BEAUTY & BELIEF a beautiful outlook on life and belief in it, provides a mind-set to be able to more joyfully accept the good, along with the bad and ugly, that comes to you as a result of God’s Providence (what some people call the universal source);

  • RESPONSIBLE & REASONABLE goal setting, at levels which stretch but don’t overwhelm, and then being responsible with obligations in life, helps one achieve….as opposed to just “wishing” or “wanting” things to be different;

  • ACTION & ATTITUDE one needs to have a little drive in life, some ambition, to move forward progress does not happen by sitting on the sofa, one needs to have some motivation;

  • VALUES & VALUED uphold and live life according to a set of solid standards and values, with more objective view rights and wrongs, so one can shape the strength of their Will to respond to the challenges and opportunities that life presents and become the valued person the desire to be;

  • EXPECTED things beyond one’s wildest dreams will come, as they did for the Luck Few, for those who apply the BRAV(E) principals, unrelentingly and consistently, through life

Brave GenX

Reclaim Your Life


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