About The Author

Eric Nies is an economist, author-speaker, and GenX advocate who was heavily influenced by his father’s penchant for buying English Tudor homes. He grew up intending to stay in the solid Midwestern environment, but life’s path held something different. Over time and through experience, he became a “renter by choice.”


Through his work, he exposes undertones of the macro-economy affecting the GenX situation and future, including drivers such as secular stagnation and shifts in demographics, finances, and social behaviors.

Eric is the author of two books: Rent Your Way To Freedom and the soon to be published, Bypassed: GenX’s Vanishing American Dream.  He is internationally  recognized for sharing "The BRAVE Principles,"  which provide GenXers a path to stave-off the brutal reality of the vanishing American Dream and reclaim the life they envisioned.

After earning an economics degree, he found himself in the “rental only” housing market of Monte Carlo, Monaco, where he rented housing from the late billionaire Hélène Pallanca-Pastor. 

Eric grew favorable to the freedom and flexibility afforded by renting. There was, however, an anchor: he was still chained (by the desire, indeed social conditioning) to own. So, he bought a house in his hometown; in fact, the house in which he was born,an English Tudor, from his father!

Growing concerned with the logic (or illogic) of his rental preference amid the litany of typical objections he’d hear from friends and family, he leaned on his economics training and took to research to better understand the issue. Originally, just for himself.

Is the American Dream inextricably linked to home ownership? And, are people who are locked-out of the housing market doomed? Eric’s viewpoint, with data to back up the argument, suggests not. You can, "Rent Your Way to Freedom!"