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Eric Nies is an Investor, economist, author, and GenX advocate.


Following a successful exit from an enterprise software company, he focuses on providing owners of companies (those doing less than $5M in revenue) gain greater leverage in their business through partnerships and M&A. 

He loves share his experience with organgic verses inorganic growth with business owners, helping them to achieve growth and maintain a relevant business long term. 

As a passion and based on study of the legacy generations, he loves to share the undertones of the macro-economy affecting GenX, including drivers like: secular stagnation and shifts in demographics, finances, and social behaviors.


He works internationally sharing the "BRAVE Principles" – which provide GenXers a path to stave-off the brutal reality of the vanishing American Dream and reclaim the life they envisioned.


Eric is the author of two books: Rent Your Way To Freedom: Live Well Now While You Build Your Future and the forthcoming Bypassed: GenX’s vanishing American Dream.


He is working to mystify the generational shifts affecting GenX and re-calibrate a life’s path for success in the important areas of: family, spending, income, and legacy. 

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