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About The Chateau

The Chateau Snyers was built in 1791 by the Marque Jean-Claude Bernardin the Valette and his wife, Marie-Catherine-Theodore de Kattenis. It is made of solid cement construction with a painted exterior and geographically situated in the center of Belgium on rich, Wallonian farmland.

The main living area of the Chateau is centered around a grand, two-story staircase. The exterior towers are complemented with arrow slits and the upper floors are designed as servants' quarters.  It features a stately, oak-paneled dining room with ornate, lead-paned windows that accommodates 40 guests.


In 1905 the Chateau was sold for 30,000 Belgian francs and, one month later, subdivided into 19 lots for a total price of 60,000 Belgian francs. The Chateau was preserved on two hectares for 2,940 Belgian francs.


It is said that the mother of the reigning Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Countess Anna Maria Komorowska, was born in the Chateau and that she also held the reception for her wedding to Count Patrick d'Udekem d'Acoz (House‎ ‎d'Udekem d'Acoz) at the Chateau.




















Since the 19th Century, the Chateau has been in the Snyers family, famous local business leaders in the lucrative notary business. Over time, as the city grew around the Chateau, the land was sold off. Access to the original entry (pictured above) was restricted as new buildings were constructed and a re-orientation of the Chateau became a natural necessity. What was then the back door (cover picture) become the front entry and vice versa.


The Chateau underwent further revisions in the 1980’s which provided a central kitchen and updated washrooms, and further updates have been recently completed.  It continues to hold its core architectural form on two hectares of land, which includes a matching gatehouse, gardens, and a tennis court. 


It has been the rented home of the author, his wife, and his eight children since the Fall of 2013.



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